Office #1


One of One was tasked with the interior design and fit out, of a communications office in Johannesburg.

We created a fun and functional space, with creative meeting rooms designed to represent cities from around the world. Fitting the office with a mix of existing, newly sourced and custom designed furniture allowed us to create spaces within the office for employees to meet, brainstorm and collaborate in exciting new ways. Some of our favorite features include:
A brainstorming/meeting room with a grass floor and bespoke furniture, custom designed and manufactured to make brainstorming and taking notes fun and simple.
A hot desk and locker system, which encourages employees to break away from the traditional work layout of any normal office and collaborate more freely with their colleges.
An entire wall made into a magnetic white board and collaboration center in the central common area of the office.
Blackboard divider and storage unit, in the pause area.
Custom printed world map in the main board room.
Bespoke custom lights designed specifically for each area (some even hand made from actual x-rays)


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